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The Yorkshire Devolution Movement is an all party and no party group campaigning for greater decision making powers for Yorkshire. The fact is Yorkshire has the same population as Scotland and twice the GDP of Wales yet the powers of neither. The Yorkshire Devolution Movement is committed to the creation of a directly elected Parliament for the County of Yorkshire and believes that the undoubted potential of Yorkshire could be better realised if more decision-making was made locally. There are several ways you can help us achieve this:

Subscribe as a Member:

Probably the most effective way is to subscribe as a Member. Joining allows you to participate more closely in our campaigns, to attend and have a say at AGMs and EGMs and to influence the overall direction of the YDM. Members are the first to hear our latest news, receiving this directly to their e.mail address, and qualify to join our Members Facebook Group where they can comment on our posts and debate relevant issues with other Members. The standard amount for Membership is £24 per year but we will accept Membership for amounts from £10 per year to suit your circumstances. See payment methods below.

Donate to our Campaign Fund:

Another way is to donate to our campaign fund. As the YDM does not have large sponsors, we can maintain an independent pro-Yorkshire position but this also means that we depend on our Members and supporters for all our financial requirements. We can always use extra support! Here are some examples of what your donations could go towards:

DonatingBuilding and supporting local activismCampaigning in parliament
£12Online advertising and building our social media campaign20,000 campaign postcards
£25Campaign badgesOrganising policy roundtables in Parliament
 Printing leaflets 
£50Hiring a room in a town hall to set up a local group or for public meetingsBanners for public meetings in Parliament
 Travel costs for speakers 
£100250 campaign t-shirtsSending a detailed policy briefing to every MP
And with moreMaterials for organising lobbying of MP’s surgeries – A campaign pack for our local organisers to help us build these lobbiesA lobbying presence at all three party conferences

See payment methods below.

Be Active:

Yet another way is to be active. This could be by writing relevant articles for our blog and to the media; by lobbying MPs & local politicians to speak out for a better deal for Yorkshire; by promoting YDM and our goals through your social media groups and other circles; by volunteering to actively participate in our campaigns and if you are really interested and have the time and commitment, even by applying to join the YDM Executive Committee. If you have been active or are interested in supporting YDM in any of these active ways, please e.mail us to let us know how.

A devolved Yorkshire administration will be achieved at some stage but the more support we get now, the sooner it is likely to happen and the sooner our County will be able to reap the rewards.

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Payment Methods:

Online Banking:

If you have access to online banking, an easy way to subscribe for membership or to donate to our campaign fund is to pay online and notify us of this using our Subscription/Donation Notification under “Subscription and Donation Forms” below.

Our bank details are: Sort Code 05-04-19, Account Number 26885694.


You can also pay via PayPal by using the PayPal Button to the appropriate form under “Subscription and Donation Forms” below. If you pay via PayPal there is no need to complete a Subscription/Donation Notification as PayPal provide us with your contact information.


Alternatively you can pay by cheque and notify us of this using the Subscription/Donation Notification under “Subscription and Donation Forms” below.

Cheques should be made out to: Yorkshire Devolution Movement.

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Subscription and Donation Forms:

Subscription/Donation Notification:

If you prefer to subscribe or donate by ONLINE BANKING or by CHEQUE, once you have done so, please complete the on-screen Subscription/Donation Notification below (not needed if paying by PayPal) and hit the submit button.

*** It is essential that you submit a completed Subscription/Donation Notification when you have subscribed or donated by bank transfer or by cheque so that we can acknowledge receipt, attribute the payment correctly (subscription or donation) and register membership details where relevant ***

PayPal Forms:

For Subscriptions:
Options to suit your circumstances
For Donations:

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