Public must lead the way to devolution

“Only by including ordinary Yorkshire folk in the devolution debate will they engage in the process and help ensure that Yorkshire gets the right settlement and leadership”.

Following on from our devolution opinion survey, this YDM article was published in the Yorkshire Post.

2 thoughts on “Public must lead the way to devolution”

  1. I was informed by Kevin Hollinrake (M.P.) for Thirsk and Malton that talks were being held between leaders in September to try and progress the stalemate we have in North Yorkshire where the progress has been woeful and seeming dis-interest exists among local councillors who would rather see the status quo maintained. Is there any news at all or as you suggest are we to see (two years down the track) just a load of rhetoric about public consultation because nothings happening.

    1. We met Kevin a few weeks ago and he said the same thing to us. We have no further definitive news though I doubt that much will happen before Sheffield City Region decides whether or not to finally accept their deal in October. In addition, the resignation of Jim O’Neill may be an indication that the government’s attitude towards devolution is changing.

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