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Yorkshire Party is currently trying to resolve difficulties they are experiencing regarding their domain, yorkshireparty.org.uk, which has resulted in their website and e.mail being temporarily inaccessible. Being aware of that position, as a way of extending the hand of friendship to a sister organisation, we have offered to help and are pleased to be able to do so by opening this blog as a channel of communication between the Party and its followers until a more permanent solution has been implemented.

Any communications received via this blog will be forwarded to the Yorkshire Party Executive for their attention and if approved by them, published in the comments below. Alternatively, you can e.mail the Leader of the Yorkshire Party at: bobbuxtonyorkshireparty@gmail.com

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  1. Dear Members and Supporters

    Thank you to everyone who has already signed our Parliamentary Petition for a referendum on a Regional Parliament for Yorkshire.
    The link is https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/559524

    The 40% cut to Transport for the North’s budget announced this week reminds us why Yorkshire needs much greater autonomy than the mayoral-system can deliver. A regional parliament controlling our fair share of public spending can reinvent our transport and infrastructure.
    We need a regional government focused on Yorkshire and democratically accountable to Yorkshire to rebuild our economy and create jobs in the wake of the pandemic.

    Please play your part by:
    Signing the Petition
    Sharing the Petition on social media
    Sharing the Petition with groups and societies
    Asking family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to sign and share

    10, 000 signatures are required for a Government response
    100,000 signatures are required for a Parliamentary debate

    The petition has started well with over 600 signatures in the first 6 days. If everyone plays their part we can meet our targets.

    Yours Sincerely
    Bob Buxton
    Yorkshire Party Leader

    Ps our website is up and running again after technical issues

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