Yorkshire Bank – No response from ‘Virgin Money’

Yorkshire Bank has always been the obvious choice for Yorkshire Devolution Movement to bank with. We have been aware for some time that ownership of the bank had changed from Clydesdale Bank to Virgin Money but whilst the account statements and doors to the branches were headed by the words, “Yorkshire Bank” accompanied by the ‘White Rose & Y’ symbol, we were content with the situation.

Now, however, the process is beginning where the name over the door and on the headed paper will be replaced with, ‘Virgin Money’ and a little while ago we received an e.mail communication from the new owners describing these transformations as, “Exciting Changes”:

The communication says:


We felt obliged to inform Virgin Money just how “exciting” we thought these changes were, both for us and for them:

As it has now been three months since Virgin Money received our e.mail, we can only conclude that there will be no response! However, we are not the only ones to express our annoyance at the Yorkshire brand being taken away from us as a banking option:

In today’s Yorkshire Post, from David Blakeborough of Doncaster:

And this from Bryan Smith of Leeds:

And this, which also links to ‘One-Yorkshire” devolution, from former Leeds West MP, Michael Meadowcroft of the Liberal Democrats:

Also this from Stewart Arnold, former Vice-Chair of YDM:

As you can see, these comments have been sourced only from the Yorkshire Post, there are many more out there on this matter and we would very much like to hear yours. You can let us know in the “Comments” section, below!

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  1. I’ve been a Yorkshire Bank customer for 60 years and 20 + with a business account. Sadly, but for the name, I found there is no appeal for me to remain with this bank.

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