Election for Mayor of South Yorkshire Yorkshire Party Candidate Confirmed

The Yorkshire Party have announced Simon Biltcliffe as their candidate for Mayor of South Yorkshire.

Simon Bitcliffe

In 1996, Simon founded Webmart, an integrated marketing company that employs people in his hometown, Barnsley, as well as in two other UK locations. He is the first candidate to be confirmed as contesting the election on 5th May 2022 for the position of Mayor of South Yorkshire.

We have received from Yorkshire Party Leader, Bob Buxton, the following Press Release regarding Simon’s selection:

Award-Winning Eco-Friendly-Business Entrepreneur is Yorkshire Party Candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor

The Yorkshire Party has selected Simon Biltcliffe to run for South Yorkshire Mayor. He is known for pioneering a business philosophy which combines profit making with ethical and environmental concerns. Dr Biltcliffe is also a trustee of Reds in the Community, a charity which promotes sport, education, health and social inclusion, in association with Barnsley FC.

Yorkshire Party leader, Bob Buxton, said: “Simon’s balanced approach to job creation, social ethics and environment sustainability sits very well with the Yorkshire Party’s centrist position and green priorities. He has professional experience of getting things done – creating long-term, well-paid jobs for South Yorkshire. Just imagine what he could do as Mayor.”

Dr Biltcliffe said: “You need to have a thriving economy so that you can invest in people’s future, the environment and other great causes to make our community thrive. The approach I have practised throughout my career is an enlightened capitalist one where we make the profit needed for further investment in the business, but surplus profit is shared amongst the workers and on good causes. For example, my company, Webmart, has used surplus profits to rewild 166 acres over the last seven years and donated over £600,000 to charities.”

“What do we gain from investing in good causes? People who only chase money end up ultimately unhappy, but our employees do well and do good- they are motivated by supporting these causes, it helps us recruit and keep the best talent – everyone’s a winner.”

“I’m running for Mayor because I want the whole of South Yorkshire to balance economic well-being with environmental gain and social justice- a fairer society all round. I’ll also be campaigning for more powerful devolution and our fair share of funding on education, transport, health employment and social care provision. Growing up and working in South Yorkshire, I want to use what I’ve learned in my career, charity work and environmental work to improve it for everyone here- and to spread the message that this is a great place to live in, build a business, raise a family and invest in- all with people who say “hello” to each other!

I’m sure I can offer a lot more than someone who’s only ever been a politician.”

Bob Buxton added: “Simon’s already doing what he promises – while politicians make wild promises, Simon has been rewilding for seven years and running an eco-friendly business for 25 years. If the people of South Yorkshire want real difference and someone who gets on and creates change, vote for Simon Biltcliffe.”

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