More Than A Line On A Map

The goals that the Yorkshire Devolution Movement campaigns for can be categorised into three broad areas:

  • Model of Devolution – A Parliament for Yorkshire, directly elected by the people of Yorkshire, with subsidiarity at all sub-regional levels.
  • Powers of Devolution – Powers inferior to no other devolved administration within the UK and leading to federalism.

This News & Blog article is in respect of the Geography of Devolution.

The Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity declares that Yorkshire is the three Ridings (East, North & West) & the City of York, illustrated here. As that defines the geography of Yorkshire and therefore the geography of devolution for which we campaign, recognition of the boundaries of the three Ridings of Yorkshire is greatly important to us. For that reason, we are pleased to bring to your attention publications that help achieve that recognition.

Amongst these are:

And two books by Terry Ashby:

“More Than A Line On A Map” is Terry’s latest book. The Yorkshire Society has published a great article giving further detail regarding both author and book on their website.

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