Collaborating on the real geography of Yorkshire.

We have been in touch with Yorkshire International Football Association with regard to their arranging fixtures in what we jokingly call Yorkshire’s ‘occupied territories’, those areas taken out of Yorkshire administration due to the boundary changes since the Local Government Act 1972, and have made enquiries to find suitable grounds which we have passed on to YIFA so that they may contact them and make arrangements as they see fit. The idea of this being that Yorkshire playing home matches at these grounds would make a powerful statement that those places are, and always shall be, Yorkshire!

We have also worked closely with British Counties Campaign who campaign for traditional counties to be legally recognised, signposted and marked on maps and to be used as fixed frames of reference for sporting, cultural and addressing purposes. Our Chair, Nigel Sollitt, delivered a speech at the Northern Launch of this campaign which you can read in the article here.

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