Yorkshire Boundaries Campaign – Phase One update

(Revised 01/12/2019 to include late replies from Councils)

We marked Yorkshire Day 2019 by launching a campaign to gauge the intent of councils to follow Government Guidance for greater recognition and protection of the heritage, identity and true boundaries of Yorkshire. Please see our news item, YDM Launch “Yorkshire Boundaries Campaign, for full details of the campaign and of the Government Guidance involved.  We have now received initial replies from all the Local Authorities in Phase One of that campaign so are able to report what their replies were and how we have responded to them.

Phase One involves the relevant ‘County’ Councils, Unitary Councils and District Councils whereas Phase Two, which is now also underway, involves the Town and Parish Councils within the administrative areas of the Phase One councils. We shall report further on Phase Two in due course.  The replies from Phase One have varied from fully supportive to denial of Yorkshire’s true boundaries, as the following charts show.

Link: Phase One Report

If you live in one of Yorkshire’s border territories and are not happy with the response your council gave, we would encourage you to write to your MP to tell them that they should be doing more to ensure that your Council implements the Government Guidance for Local Authorities in respect of Traditional Counties and to push the Government to make the marking of Traditional County boundaries mandatory rather than discretionary. We would also encourage you to write to your Council to tell them that they should be doing more for the recognition and protection of Yorkshire’s true boundaries and for the more than one thousand years of Yorkshire heritage and identity; YOUR HERITAGE & IDENTITY!

4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Boundaries Campaign – Phase One update”

  1. I was born in saltburn in the north riding of Yorkshire I am 52 years old who on here can suddenly tell me I am not a yorkshireman The boundary is the river tees and always will be

    1. Certainly no-one from YDM would tell anyone from Saltburn that he or she is not a Yorkshireman or Yorkshirewoman. Quite the contrary! You are absolutely right; anywhere between the Tees and the Humber is part of Yorkshire and has been for almost one-and-a-half millennia. We’re in your corner, on that Tim!
      YDM Admin

  2. Will there ever be a Yorkshire signpost leading into Middlesbrough on the Newport Bridge?. As it is now it feels like Middlesbrough has been in no mans land for decades.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Middlesbrough has never been in no-man’s-land as far as we are concerned; Middlesbrough has always been in Yorkshire!

      Regarding a Yorkshire boundary sign at Newport Bridge, we are delighted to say that we are working collaboratively with the Yorkshire Ridings Society right now to have signs installed at all the bridges crossing the Tees into Yorkshire.

      Thank you for your interest in YDM.

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