AGM 2020 – Updated

Dear Member,

                                Given the extraordinary restrictions which are likely to be applicable for the AGM, the Executive Committee has resolved to undertake the meeting online, this year.

        To be as transparent as possible in these circumstances, the Executive Committee has resolved to exclusively offer online participation to all current YDM members and others directly engaged in delivering the event.

        Only the venue has changed, the date and times remain as stated on the Agenda.

        There will be no change to other conventions of the AGM, e.g. Only full members are allowed to vote.

        Obviously any light refreshments will be down to the individual to provide for themselves!

        If you wish to take part please notify us of your Skype account details by Wednesday 1st April 2020.

        Instead of holding our normal Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday 1st April 2020, starting at 10:00, we will be running a test run of our online conference facilities, for those who wish to ensure all equipment and software is functioning correctly, in advance of the AGM itself.


Martin G Clayton

YDM Vice-chair

Click here for the attachment: AGM Notice & Agenda April 2020

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