An unanswered question as prospects of a new Local Authority increase:

Discussions on forming a new Local Government Area comprising parts of Yorkshire with parts of Lancashire & Westmorland take another step forward (see news article) But would the new authority recognise and respect the traditional boundaries of these counties if it goes ahead?

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), one of the councils involved in the talks, administers the Yorkshire settlements of Dent, Garsdale and Sedbergh (the bulge to the right of Kendle shown on the red area in the news article). As part of our Yorkshire Boundaries Campaign launched on Yorkshire Day 2019, we wrote to SLDC asking them whether they would observe Govt Guidance by erecting appropriate boundary signs on roads to mark the traditional counties within their district. They accepted no responsibility for this in their response, insisting it was a matter for Cumbria ‘County’ Council (CCC) instead and the response we received from CCC was both very abrupt and very negative!

So, as to whether the new authority, if it is formed, would observe the Govt Guidance by marking the traditional county boundaries within its area, we do not yet know! Perhaps this is a question that residents within the parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Westmorland that would be involved can put to their current local authorities? Or perhaps we just may follow this up on their behalf?

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